Sylvie Meis furious after comparison with Linda de Mol


According to presenter Tanja B├╝lter, Sylvie, who regularly shares scantily clad snapshots of herself on Instagram, always looks to get through a ring. Although she adores her body, viewers should take an example from Linda de Mol; who adorned the cover of her own magazine with her 56 years in bikini last month.

The German presenter believes that Sylvie would lead by example and strive for perfection – a statement that went completely wrong with Sylvie.

The influencer blows off steam via Instagram Stories. ‘I personally do not know the two presenters or this format, but I am 42 years old and have had quite a few choices during my life and work. And yes: I work hard in the gym because it makes me happy, not because I want to strive for perfection. I love all female bodies and respect them in all their glory. ”

The cover of Linda is not only a hot topic in Germany, in the Netherlands the magazine also caused a lot of commotion. With the photo Linda wanted to express that all bodies may be there, yet she was accused herself of having photoshopped the photo.


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