Sylvana Simons drinks “ice-cold cocktail” to toast the end of Zwarte Piet on social media – De Dagaily Standaard


BIJ1 founder Sylvana Simons is extremely satisfied with the fact that Facebook has decided to ban Zwarte Piet. In fact, she’s going to drink an “ice-cold cocktail” to celebrate this resounding victory over “racist and caricatural stereotypes”.

Last night, a toast was given to Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg in the Simons house, according to media statements by BIJ1 party leader Sylvana Simons. The Amsterdam councilor is in a frenzied mood because from now on Zwarte Piet should no longer be visible on Facebook. That was exactly what the Netherlands needs, writes the former TMF vj on her own Facebook page:

“Facebook and Instagram are saying goodbye to racist and caricatural stereotypes. Thanks to all fighters since the beginning of the last century on whose shoulders today’s fighters are allowed to stand.
A shame that Facebook has approved this for so long. It must be done with racism and anti-Semitism.
Thanks to all activists for the work! Together we will end institutional racism. ”

On her Twitter profile she adds there still ready:

“A short break from the Twitter sabbatical to celebrate this happy news: 🎉

Thanks to all who have fought for justice since the beginning of the last century and on whose shoulders we can stand to organize a racism-free party for all children in the Netherlands!

I’m going to celebrate with an ice cold cocktail. And I’m gone again. At the end of August I will join this again!
Make something beautiful out of this hot summer. 😘 ”

Not only Sylvana is incredibly happy that Zwarte Piet on Facebook is coming to an end. Also Jerry Afriyie responds happily, and rapper Akwasi (who went to send Zwarte Pieten to their “whore mother” and personally to beat up) eats tubs full of popcorn because of so many angry people.

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