Swedish girl (12) shot dead while walking the dog


The girl was probably hit by stray bullets. She died of her injuries in the hospital, writes the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Grieving people

According to the Swedish newspaper, two criminals with bulletproof vests were targeted. The police do not want to confirm that yet. “At such an early stage, we should be reluctant to disclose information,” a spokesperson told Swedish media.

Mourning Swedes and friends of the girl have laid flowers today at the scene of the shooting in Botkyrka, some twenty kilometers from the Swedish capital Stockholm. “This shouldn’t happen again. She was a twelve-year-old girl,” said a 51-year-old woman.

Politicians also react angrily. Justice Minister Morgan Johansson expressed his “disgust” at the violence and promised “more police and higher punishment.”


It wouldn’t be the first time that bystanders accidentally die in such a way. That happened about fifteen times in the past ten years, a criminologist told Swedish broadcaster SVT.

In November last year, a teenager was shot and killed at a pizzeria in the Swedish city of Malmö. A second youth was seriously injured.


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