Suspicious murder of Lelystad: ‘Sexually tinted remark is reason for violence’ | NOW


Michel B., suspected of killing a man in Lelystad, declared in court on Tuesday that a sexually tinted remark by the victim was the reason for attacking him. Fellow suspect Jan van K. would have helped him, but K. denies that.

Gerrit T., 72, was found dead on April 28, 2019 in his apartment on the Red Cliff in Lelystad. He turned out to have been killed the week before. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) thinks money was the motive.

36-year-old B. and 49-year-old Van K. spent the evening on April 19 and Saturday April 20 with the victim. The three men knew each other from the TBS clinic in Almere. T. was treated in the Oostvaarders clinic after a conviction for fornication with, among others, a minor. Later he started working as a volunteer in the clinic.

Van K. was released from the clinic in 2017 and B. was still detained there. B. was on Easter weekend when T. was killed on trial leave.

Suspect claims to have been abused in the past

The men state in court that the atmosphere in T.’s apartment changed on the night of April 20-21. The victim is said to have made a sexual comment towards B., which made B. furious.

B. says that he was abused by his own father for twenty years and explains that the remark led to a “flashback”. According to the suspect, he walked over to T., who then took scissors. He managed to take the scissors and gave T. a few blows. Then B. pressed a pillow to T.’s face, took it in a neck clamp and finally strangled him with a piece of tape.

According to B., Van K. helped push the pillow onto the victim’s face. He also handed in the piece of tape and told B. “finish it now, because no one would miss a pedophile”.

Fellow suspect denies all involvement

Van K. denies all this. He says he only watched anxiously and that he was under the influence. Van K. also says that he has especially forgotten a lot. He claimed to have saved the victim’s money and laptop found at his home for B. The main suspect has further transferred amounts from the victim’s account to his own account.

However, both suspects deny there was a motive for killing T. “He didn’t have to kill me,” both suspects said in unison.

The Public Prosecution Service thinks otherwise and will come up with the sentence later on Tuesday.


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