Suspicion: Five boys from Jerusalem committed sexual offenses at the age of 12


The Israel Police today (Thursday) allowed the publication that it revealed a series of sexual offenses committed on a 12-year-old minor by a group of boys in south Jerusalem.
Some, according to the suspicion, documented the acts on their mobile device.
Regarding one of them, the suspicion arose that he was the one who “organized” – pimped the minor to attend meetings between the 12-year-old and his friends. 2 of the suspects were brought before the court, and another 2 will be brought today (Thursday) for a hearing in their case.
One of the suspects claimed that the girl did not tell him her exact age. According to him, the boys did not have sex with her and it was not a sexual encounter in the group, but individual encounters.

Photo illustration: Bentonica (under CC Flickr license)


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