Surprising: Firas Mugrabi signed in the second division – Sport 5 – Sport 5


After being released from Hapoel Hadera last week, Firas Mugrabi signed with a surprising goal. The 29-year-old midfielder today (Wednesday) joined the Bnei Shefar’am United League.

Mugrabi, who played last season for Benny Sakhnin, is expected to receive a long-term contract for no less than six seasons: three as a player, and three more as a professional. At the beginning of his career in the team, he will continue to recover from the knee injury.

Mugrabi is the second big name to join the team after his neighbor from Shfaram, Ali Khatib, in the team that has the highest player budget in the second division. The person appointed to guide the ambitious project is coach Hanna Farhud, with the goal of reaching the national league within two years.

As you may recall, Mugrabi signed at Hadera last January and joined it at the start of training, but trained separately. He was supposed to go to rehabilitation on his knees abroad, but due to the Corona the move was canceled. Last week he was tested and found to return to the pitches in just about two months.


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