Surprise! Progressive, europhile D66 member Alexander Pechtold speaks “regularly” with fake VVD member Rutte – De Dagaily Standaard


It will not surprise anyone at all, but still: Alexander Pechtold says in De Telegraaf that he has “regular” contact with his old pal, Mark Rutte. Cozy!

Asked with whom Pechtold has the most contact nowadays, now that he is no longer active in politics, he replies: “Very regularly with Rutte. He calls once in a while to ask how I’m doing. I also send him a text message when he is negotiating with his European colleagues in Brussels for nights on end. ”

What is in such a message? “Hold on.” Because Pechtold shares Rutte’s goals, of course. Both gentlemen are for more, more, more Europe and less, less, less national sovereignty. Of course, Pechtold is quick to say that he and Rutte have a slightly different view of the EU, but yes, that is purely for the stage. After all, it belongs to D66 and still has to make some distinction.

Unlike his words, his actions speak volumes. He and Rutte are natural allies, and both gentlemen are only too aware of this.

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