Surinamese family attacked by Brazilian bees


Somewhere at the bottom of the long list of irregularities, abuses and misdeeds noted by the new government team is a preliminary calculation of the debt burden. It concerns enormous amounts in foreign currency as well as Surinamese dollars.

The lion’s share of the abnormally high amounts for a small country, is the expenditure that cannot be traced, or its usefulness is unclear and perhaps not even present.

Yesterday’s Assembly meeting, Thursday, August 6, has caused much turmoil and will remain with large sections of the people for a long time to come.

After the President and the Vice-President had made their revelations to the people, the ministers took the floor. All a list of things that show nothing but mismanagement. It is striking that during his or her turn every speaker has talked about unfounded promotions, the last minute employments, whether or not on the basis of strangulation contracts. Everyone also cited the many payment arrears, in which unusual and abnormally high amounts were mentioned. Even for the backlog of utility payments, shocking amounts were listed. In addition, gigantic amounts of rent for buildings with high arrears have also been mentioned.
Today, what was revealed during this DNA meeting will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion in many places.


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