Suriname’s corona situation still under control


Photo: BOG employees during a training on the care of corona patients in Suriname.

Epidemiologist Radjesh Ori believes that the COVID-19 situation in Suriname is still under control. He says this based on the fact that positively tested people can be isolated and contact tracing is done. However, everything has its limits, the epidemiologist said during the press conference of the Outbreak Management team.

If there is no improvement in the situation, referring to the ever increasing number of infections, Suriname will no longer have control over the situation. In the second week after President Chandrikapersad Santokhi announced the strengthened measures, the results should be clear. If the situation remains unchanged, other measures will be necessary. The epidemiologist is frightened by the behavior of some citizens.

Ori stressed that the situation is very critical and that everyone should contribute to keeping it manageable. At the moment, the situation in mainly Sipalawini and Paramaribo does not look rosy. Between Thursday evening 8.00 pm and Friday evening 8.00 pm, 30 new corona cases were noted in Suriname and 43 persons were declared cured. There are now 557 active cases listed on the dashboard on the Surinam COVID-19 website.

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