Supporters can co-finance Feyenoord City


The Municipality of Rotterdam is working on a share plan for the new Feyenoord stadium. In addition, an option was given for the fans of the Stadium Club to pay small amounts to the Feyenoord City project, reports the Algemeen Dagblad, after inspection of the documents of the Rotterdam city council.

The costs for the realization of the new construction project are estimated at approximately 366 million, with the local currently financing it. Feyenoord fans could therefore step in by issuing shares. A further explanation from the municipality is expected in October.

The Feyenoord City project has been a hot topic in Rotterdam and its surroundings for years. A large part of the supporters are not in favor of moving to the new stadium. Hence the creation of Red De Kuip. Feyenoord wanted to move according to the first plans in 2024, but announced in December 2019 that 2025 will be the new target year.


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