Super heat wave: August’s first tropical day is a fact, some people cool off in the snow


You have to come up with something if you don’t have a pool! (photo: Gerda van Eck).

Sunglasses on, water slide off! It will be tropical hot in our province on Thursday. With temperatures of at least thirty degrees, Brabant is facing perhaps the most tropical heat wave in years in the coming days. In this live blog we follow how Brabant deals with this sweltering heat on Thursday.

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If you really want to escape the heat, you can of course look for the shade or the air conditioning. But the real heat haters can even visit the snow during a heat wave … in SnowWorld Rucphen for example. In recent days it has been busier than usual in the summer, says Wim Huubregtse: “It seems that people are really looking for a cool spot.” So who really wants to cool down: it is between -5 and -8 degrees.

One person loves it, the other is fed up. This is what Brabanders think of the super heat wave:

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Efteling gives some cooling tips for people who visit the amusement park in the coming days.

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Wakker Dier gives farmers a tip on how animals in the pasture can keep their cups cool.

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From Thursday afternoon, four steel bridges in South Holland, including the Merwedebrug, will be cooled preventively with water in connection with the warm summer weather. By cooling, Rijkswaterstaat wants to limit the expansion of the steel bridge components due to the high temperatures.

The fire brigade warns that there is a great risk of fire in nature. “Are you going into wooded and heather areas? Keep 1.5 meters away from others, be extra alert with fire in nature.”

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It is officially a tropical day in Brabant, says meteorologist Raymond Klaassen from Weerplaza. “It is now 30.4 degrees in Gilze-Rijen. The lowest temperature is measured in Woensdrecht in Brabant: 29.9 degrees. But those temperatures will only continue to rise. There will be an extra degree or two, ”says Klaassen.

If you consider another trip to one of the Dutch beaches: do not do it by car. Parking spaces along the North Sea coast are largely flooded on Thursday. Many municipalities, including Hoek van Holland, Kijkduin, Bloemendaal, Haarlem and Noordwijk, warn beachgoers that they can only reach a beach by bicycle or on foot.

The service messages from the municipalities continue to pour in.

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Also a small update about the disposal of the waste: the municipalities of Drimmelen, Baarle-Nassau, Alphen-Chaam and Gilze-Rijen have now brought collection up again on collection days. The containers are picked up half an hour earlier, from seven in the morning.

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In connection with the persistent high temperatures in the coming days, Rijkswaterstaat has initiated a heat protocol. This means that stranded motorists are helped extra quickly to avoid having to spend an unnecessarily long time in direct sunlight.

“In the event of a breakdown, a recovery company is immediately called in so that people do not have to stand on the hot asphalt for too long,” said a spokeswoman. “The vehicle and the people are taken to a shady place where there is also water where they can be helped further.”

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Some municipalities will start collecting waste earlier in the coming days due to the warm weather. In the community Baarle-Nassau in Gilze-Rijen the containers must already be on the street at 6:30 am on collection days, for example.

The summer atmosphere is good, also at Omroep Brabant.

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If you are going on a long car ride in the tropical heat, you can it is best to bring an umbrella. This way you protect yourself against the scorching sun if you have to leave your car in the event of a breakdown, the ANWB advises. The ANWB also advises motorists to bring enough water and not to put the air conditioning too cold, no more than 6 degrees below the outside temperature.

This prevents complaints such as a cold or head and throat pain. This weekend it will be busy again on European roads due to holiday traffic. For example, next Saturday in France counts as ‘black Saturday’, with millions of people driving to their holiday address or returning home. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy also have a busy weekend.

Wanted: cooling. Also with Willem II.

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It seems so tempting: enjoying the warm, even hot sun. But be warned if you’re going to expose your body to tropical temperatures for the next week. Dehydration is lurking, for young and old.

To be able to speak of a heat wave, the requirements are simple: it must be at least 25 degrees five days in a row, of which it must be warmer than thirty degrees (tropical warm) for three days. According to the weather models, that will succeed next week – the heat wave may even last nine days.

In the south in particular, it will be warm in the coming days: for almost eight consecutive days, the temperatures here are above thirty degrees. A ‘super heat wave’, according to the experts of Weerplaza. And this super heat wave can last up to six days.

In the summer of 1976 it was even longer hot in Brabant. Back then, we were dealing with eight tropical days in both Gilze-Rijen and Eindhoven, with temperatures of thirty degrees or more, in a row.

The Red Cross calls on Thursday for pay extra attention to each other during the coming warm days. During this corona time, the aid organization is particularly concerned about the elderly, the chronically ill, overweight people and the homeless. “They are more at risk with heat. We recommend everyone to pay extra attention to each other,” says Yvonne Breedijk, project manager for heat at the Red Cross.

It has been quite warm in recent days, but from Thursday the mercury will rise even further. Because such high temperatures also entail risks, the National Heat Plan in Brabant and the rest of the Netherlands will be put into effect on Thursday.

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