Super heat wave: at least six tropical days in a row


Six days with tropical temperatures of thirty degrees or more in a row. This has never happened in Brabant in August. So when expectations come true, we are currently dealing with a unique situation in our province: an extreme or super heat wave in August. Weather woman Diane Woei of Weerplaza definitely calls it ‘special’.

Weeronline came up in 2018 with the designation super heat wave for a series of at least five consecutive tropical days, maximums of thirty degrees or more, with three days of even 35 degrees or more.

With regard to the month of August, the longest series of tropical days in our province so far dates back to 2003. At that time, for example, in Gilze-Rijen it became thirty degrees or more on August 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. The expectation that it will now become tropical six or maybe even seven or eight days in a row is, in the words of Woei, ‘very special’.

More uncertainty from Tuesday
On Wednesday we already started in our province with a person over thirty in terms of temperature. So the start of a very hot period. Next Tuesday, according to Woei, it will be more uncertain whether we will stay in the tropical temperatures. On Wednesday that will be a bit more uncertain and next Thursday we will certainly not get there.

As far as the weather woman is concerned, how long the series of tropical days will be. Six, seven or maybe even eight days. It remains to be seen.

Hot even longer
Only in the summer of 1976 it was extremely hot in Brabant for even longer. Back then, we were dealing with eight tropical days in both Gilze-Rijen and Eindhoven, with temperatures of thirty degrees or more, in a row. However, it was so hot earlier than now, from June 30th. In any case, according to Woei, July is traditionally a warmer month than August. “But that’s different this year,” she says.

Last year
Last year when the temperature record of 40.7 degrees was measured in Gilze-Rijen, there was no such super heat wave in our province. In other places in the country it happened then.

We love today a live blog about the tropically warm Thursday


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