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For holidaymakers who just want to see what they really should not miss, we make an overview of the most important news of today.

Today’s news overview

National Heat Plan coming into effect in all provinces in the coming days

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) will activate the National Heat Plan from Thursday. In the coming week, the Netherlands will face a series of tropical days.

The National Heat Plan is a warning of heat and the risks this can entail. It also counts as an appeal to pay extra attention to each other.

The Netherlands sends rescue team to Beirut

The Netherlands is sending a search and rescue team of 67 specialists to the Lebanese capital Beirut because of the huge explosion in a warehouse on Tuesday.

The team, consisting of police and firefighters, trauma doctors and nurses, will help search for injured and bodies under the rubble.

GGD: Urban regions are increasingly adhering to corona rules

The sharp increase in the number of corona infections in the urban regions can be explained by house parties and other social gatherings where the 1.5 meter distance is not guaranteed. GGD-GHOR reports this on the basis of source and contact research.

A quarter of a million people are homeless after the Beirut explosion

The explosion that took place in Beirut on Tuesday afternoon left one quarter of a million people homeless, according to the city’s governor, Marwan Abboud.

In addition, billions of euros have been damaged and hundreds more are missing, fueling fears of a rapidly rising death toll.

You now have to wear a mask in these places in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

From Wednesday on, wearing a mask in a number of places in Amsterdam and Rotterdam is mandatory for everyone aged thirteen or older. provides an overview of the locations where the mouth mask obligation applies.

Strip club on the Amsterdam Red Light District affected by corona outbreak

A strip club on the Red Light District in Amsterdam has been hit by a corona outbreak. At least ten staff members and at least one visitor have been tested positive for the virus. The strip club owner has closed the property.

News in pictures

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam checks whether the people in his city are complying with the mouth mask obligation, which went into effect today for parts of the center. (Photo: Pro Shots)

The weather on holiday:

Benelux: With the exception of the northwestern Netherlands, it is sunny everywhere in the Benelux, with temperatures around 30 degrees. In the southern half of the Benelux it can even rise to more than 35 degrees in the coming days and tropical temperatures are also possible on the Wadden and in the far north of the Netherlands.

Germany: In Germany, cumulus clouds are spread mainly in the eastern half. It remains dry everywhere. It is sunny in West Germany, where it also gets warmest with temperatures above 30 degrees. In the east and south of Germany it is slightly cooler with 27 to 29 degrees.

Austria and Switzerland: In the Alpine countries it is cloudy. Rain or thunderstorms can develop locally in southeastern Austria in particular. The temperature ranges from about 20 degrees in parts of Austria to locally 25 in northwestern Switzerland.

France: In most places in France, the sun shines abundantly. The maximums are above 30 degrees everywhere. On Thursday it is about 37 degrees in the hottest places, on Friday the temperature in the South of France can even reach close to 40 degrees.

Spain and Portugal: In Spain and Portugal it remains dry almost everywhere, although several inland clouds form inland at temperatures between 35 and 40 degrees. There is not much wind, although a cooling sea breeze can blow up on the coast.

Italy: Rain or thunderstorms may fall, especially in the southern half of Italy. Before the showers fall, the mercury can rise to values ​​around 27 degrees. In Northern Italy it stays dry and gets a few degrees warmer.

Read here a more detailed weather forecast or the forecasts for other holiday countries

Are you staying at home or going on holiday in your own country? In the coming days it will be sunny, dry and hot. Keep that in mind and drink enough water.


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