Summer News Update: Black Saturday in France | Russia to vaccinate NOW


For holidaymakers who just want to see what they really should not miss, we make an overview of the most important news of today.

Today’s news overview

First black Saturday of the year in France

On French highways to the south in particular, holiday traffic caused an early delay on Saturday morning. Around noon, according to French traffic police, there was a total of 760 kilometers of traffic jam on French roads on the first black Saturday of the year.

Russia wants to start vaccinating in October

Russia plans to launch a massive vaccination program in October against COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. The head of the Russian state fund called it a ‘Sputnik moment’, referring to the successful launch of the world’s first satellite in space in 1957.

Jan Nagel new party chairman 50PLUS

Jan Nagel (81) has been chosen by party members as the new chairman of 50PLUS. He is the successor to Geert Dales, who left at the end of May. Nagel was chairman of the elderly party three times before.

Fewer rhinos poached in South Africa

In the first half of this year, nearly half fewer rhinos were poached in South Africa compared to the same period last year. In the first six months, 166 rhinos were illegally killed, compared to 316 in the same period in 2019.

Overview of European mouth mask rules

Several European countries decided to broaden their mouth mask rules this week. Due to the (re) introduction of the mouth mask requirement in Iceland, Lithuania and Denmark, most of Europe has now drawn up rules on the use of mouth masks.

News in pictures

Annemiek van Vleuten celebrates her victory in Strade Bianche, tired but satisfied, the first cycling race since the resumption after the corona stop. (Photo: Getty Images)

The weather on holiday:

France: In France it is a great holiday day with maxima between 25 and 30 degrees. In the afternoon a few rain or thunderstorms may occur inland. Along the coast it is a lot less warm with maximums around 20 degrees.

Benelux: In the Netherlands and Belgium it is a lot less warm than in recent days. The temperature is still around 23 degrees on Sunday. After the weekend it cools down further and there is a chance of some showers.

Germany: In Germany it is less warm and there is more cloud. The maxima range between 20 degrees in the north and 28 degrees in the southeast. In particular, there is more cloud cover, and especially in the south of Germany the air is also humid. Here it can also come rain or thunderstorm on Sunday evening

Italy: Summer is in full swing in Italy. In many places the maximums are well above 30 degrees. It is cooler along the coast, but it does not make much difference. In the north of Italy there is a good chance of rain and thunderstorms later in the day.

Spain and Portugal: In Spain and Portugal it is still very sunny and very hot on Sunday. The temperature can reach 40 degrees inland. After the weekend it cools down, due to the increasing cloud cover.

Read here a more detailed weather forecast or the forecasts for other holiday countries

Are you staying at home or going on holiday in your own country? The worst heat has passed, but temperatures remain above 20 degrees. However, the chance of showers is increasing.


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