Students ‘critical’ about decision to cancel cabinet introduction NOW


The Interurban Student Consultation (ISO) and the National Chamber of Associations (LKvV) are “critical” about the way in which the cabinet’s decision was made to cut out physical introduction activities as much as possible. In addition, they are, just like the National Student Union, afraid that new students will miss a bond with their study city or institution and therefore achieve less results.

“We are relieved that some of the introduction activities will continue, but critical of how this decision was made. The Prime Minister has called on young people to think along, but they are not involved in this decision about young people,” ISO President Dahran Çoban.

During a press conference, Prime Minister Rutte announced that the Cabinet has decided that introduction activities should take place online as much as possible.

Physical introductory meetings are only allowed if they are small-scale and informative in nature. “All of this happens without alcohol and with a final time of 10 pm”, says Rutte. Hazing is also prohibited.

“A national restriction is now being imposed with little room for customization in the region, which is what students would like to have,” says Çoban.

“I don’t really understand where the cabinet’s concern towards student associations comes from,” says Yorick van der Heiden, chairman of the LKvV. “I went to student associations where they adhered to the measures very tightly. Maybe even more so than in the hospitality industry.”

‘Possibly less motivation due to lack of commitment’

Freya Chiappino, vice-president of the National Student Union, expresses her concerns about the possible effect on the study results of new students. “If you have no ties with your study city or college or university, then it is very difficult. Think of student well-being, but also motivation. It can also be difficult to ask for help if you have not seen each other yet.”

Van der Heiden also has misunderstanding about the national decision that has been taken about student associations, while the cabinet is taking measures locally or regionally in other areas.

“We find it strange that this also applies to Groningen, Enschede and Maastricht, for example. Students are now being deprived of the opportunity to become acquainted with their study city. In our view, this was absolutely unnecessary.”


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