Striking rumor: ‘Club Brugge is thinking of Donk returning’


Club Brugge has not yet unpacked on the transfer market. Only Eduard Sobol was recorded longer. But according to the Turkish press, Blauw-Zwart is also thinking of a particularly striking move.

Former player Nabil Dirar was previously linked to the Bruggelingen, but at Ajansspor it can be read that that is not the only former Bruggeling that Blauw-Zwart is thinking about. Ryan Donk is also reportedly on the list of the national champion.

The 34-year-old defender has been playing for Galatasaray since 2016, where he has an expiring contract. Donk does not seem to be extending his contract either and will soon be transferable. Club Brugge, which has reportedly already spoken to its broker, wants to take advantage of this.

Donk was brought to Belgium by Club Brugge in the summer of 2009. He played for Blue-Black for four seasons and became captain there. The Dutchman never made it a secret that he would ever like to return to Club Brugge.


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