Stricter enforcement of masks on flights


This is what the disinfection of the cabin of an Airbus 320 against Corona looks like

(Courtesy of Israir)

“If you board the plane and you insist on not wearing your mask, we will insist on not flying you in the future,” Delta CEO Ed Bastian announced earlier this week.

According to him, the American airline has already put in its “blacklist” over 100 names of passengers that it will no longer fly, because they refused to wear a mask on the company’s flights.

(Delta flight on distant days without masks)

In an interview with the American program TODAY, Bastian said that they will even increase enforcement more strictly, “A passenger will not be able to board our plane if he does not have a mask on his face. If he insists on staying on the plane without a mask, we at the company insist he can no longer fly with us , Said Bastian.

The company’s enforcement policy comes as part of its larger process called “Clearance to Fly,” which began earlier. In this process, the company basically tells its passengers who are allowed to fly without a mask for medical reasons – that they need to obtain a doctor’s approval in advance and that they should even consider using other means of transportation.

Airbus A330 Delta AirlinesAirbus A330 Delta Airlines

Delta is toughening positions regarding the wearing of masks on its flights

(Photo: shutterstock)

In early May Delta began requiring its passengers to wear masks during flights along with its decision to block the middle seat on every row of seats on the plane, this along with reducing the capacity of passengers on each flight. This policy will continue, according to sources in the company, at least until September 30, 2020.

“I know there is a lot of anxiety among the general public,” Bastian said. Because the company’s planes have been and are constantly being disinfected.

Traveling at the airport during CoronaTraveling at the airport during Corona

Wearing masks will also be required at airports

(Photo: Shutterstock)

According to him, as with the CEOs and pilots of many airlines, including Israelis, there should be a demand from companies and countries to return to flying, both to get the companies back in operation – which does not happen in a day or a month, and to restore public confidence in the aviation world.

Bastian added that “what we really need is vaccination and trust in medicine, then we can restore trust in flights.”

Alongside Delta there are other American airlines that emphasize the policy of enforcing masks on flights. Southwest Airlines also began the same policy from July 27, according to which every passenger from the age of two is required to wear a mask without exception.

Under company law, passengers will be allowed to remove their masks for a short time just to drink, eat or take medication.

Southwest is also aligning with the tightening of flight proceduresSouthwest is also aligning with the tightening of flight procedures

Southwest is also aligning with the tightening of flight procedures

(Photo: Southwest Airlines)

As of Wednesday last week, July 29, American Airlines and United Airlines have also begun the same enforcement that they are prohibiting passengers from flying temporarily if they refuse to wear a mask on the plane.

These days, the only Israeli airline that operates commercial flights is Israir. Also on its flights there is a mandatory requirement to wear a mask throughout the flight.

“Due to the fact that Israir continued to fly throughout the crisis, our reference to not wearing a mask is identical in severity to smoking in the cabin of the plane,” Israir CEO Uri Sirkis told Ynet.

Israir planeIsrair plane

“Do not wear a mask equivalent to smoking on a plane.” Israir CEO

(Photo: Danny Sadeh)

According to him, since the beginning of the crisis, Israir has maintained high standards, including frequent disinfection of aircraft, reduced contact with passengers, and reduced contact with surfaces – brochures and shelves. In addition, the company stopped distributing food on the flight, along with special protection for the crew and other actions.

“In all of this, we make sure to wear a mask during the entire flight. We have zero tolerance for passengers who remove the mask. The treatment in this case is equivalent to cases of smoking on the flight and can end with a police order. Fortunately, the customer audience is To instructions, “said Sirkis.

Delta told Ynet that the company’s customers will now be asked to confirm their commitment to a safe flight, as part of a change in the check-in procedure that will require them to confirm a number of details before each flight.

Details such as: have not been diagnosed that they are corona patients and that to the best of their knowledge have not been exposed to the virus during the last 14 days. Have not experienced any of the symptoms of the disease during the last two weeks.

Commitment to wearing a mask throughout the airport, at Delta customer clubs at airports and on airplanes.

Entertainment for Abandon, VP of Chief Customer Experience at the company added that “The layers of protection we have implemented throughout travel with Delta are designed to retain customers and employees. We now ask customers to assume their responsibility to other passengers and Delta personnel, by traveling with us only if they recognize these important health standards. Customers who are unable to agree to all the commitments we require will not be able to complete the check-in process and will be invited to change or cancel the booking without a change fee. ”


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