Streaking through intro weeks is a ‘far too rigorous measure’ Inland


“A wrong way to try to solve the problems. A setback and super annoying for students, ”said the chairman. According to him, months have gone into preparations for the introduction weeks to run smoothly and safely, in consultation with health organizations and educational institutions. “The student groups are smaller, for example, so that sufficient distance can be kept. No big parties are being given and programs have been adapted. ”

The LKvV chairman also finds it unjust that an introductory period at an Amsterdam student association was stopped earlier this week. This happened after it became known that four students had become infected with corona. “There is no evidence that the infections are caused by the introduction week,” says Van der Heiden.

The cabinet will take a decision on the intake weeks on Thursday afternoon. Politicians fear that corona measures are not being complied with adequately at these events.

‘Binding in danger’

The National Student Union (LSVb) warned on Wednesday that the binding of freshmen to their college or university is jeopardized by making introduction weeks online. “In corona times with a lot of online education, it is even more important that first-year students know their way through higher education,” according to the LSVb.

The introduction weeks have an important function in student life, according to the union. “It is an accessible way for students to get to know each other and their college or university. Moreover, it is a place where many student organizations recruit members for the rest of the year, ”said the student union. “We fear that loneliness lurks for this generation of students if no physical encounter can take place.”


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