Stranded ship broken in two near Mauritius, consequences still unknown | NOW


The cargo ship that stranded off the coast of Mauritius at the end of July has broken in two, reports the news agency AP. It is unclear whether even more oil was released from the ship.

In recent days, rescue workers have been trying to pump the remaining oil from the ship of a Japanese shipping company. This is because even more oil can be released in the event of a fracture, which was already expected.

The Mauritian government reported on Thursday that most of the oil has been removed, but it cannot be determined with certainty whether there is no oil on board at all. It is therefore also unclear whether oil ended up in the sea again with the breaking of the ship.

Japan sends aid, just like France

Japan announced on Saturday that it would send an emergency team to the island to help clean up the oil. When asked, France has also sent specialists to Mauritius, which was once a French colony.

The disaster, which is estimated to have released more than 1,000 tons of oil into nature, happened off the east coast of the island at Pointe d’Esny, which is near the Blue Bay National Park. This protected bay contains the largest coral reef in Mauritius and is home to many turtles and various fish species. In addition, the area at Pointe d’Esny has been designated a Ramsar area, a protected water feature of international importance.


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