Stormy Weekend at the Beaches: Around the Clock Rescue Services | Here in the south


There were a large number of drownings last weekend across the country and some ended in death. Fortunately, in Ashdod the rescuers were on guard

Posted on: 9.8.20 11:04

By: Liav Ahaban

In Ashdod, too, the Coastal Division was well prepared for last weekend. Rescue services were alert throughout the weekend due to high sea conditions and there were many potholes and very strong drift. Lifeguards patrolled the declared beaches using rescue vehicles and rescuers scanned the areas with binoculars. The following is a summary of a very busy vacation:

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On Friday around 6:20 PM, a woman arrived at the 11th Beach Rescue Station and complained that a young man had touched her childhood. The station manager Dudu Cohen along with another lifeguard, Gabriel Mozes immediately catch the guy as he walks away towards the fort, get on the rescue vehicle, reach him and delay him to the rescue station. The rescuers opened an incident and a mobile arrived at the scene and detained the suspect at the police station, where Dudu Cohen, who is testifying, also arrived. And even after a grueling day of work comes to the police station and testify.

Dudu Cohen

Gabriel Moses

On Saturday, around 4:00 PM, the rescue station on Ya Tifa beach was involved in an incident in which a foreign worker drowned, when rescuers Nissim Dahan and Avi Marzouk rushed to the scene with the sea motorcycle and within minutes arrived and saved his life.

Nissim Dahan

Avi Marzouk

An hour later, another message was received at the station, about two young girls who were swept away by a current at the citadel beach. The station’s director, Dudu Cohen, immediately launched the rescuers Ilan Kikuzhvili and Nissim Dahan, who arrived at the scene using a sea motorcycle within a few minutes, and a friend of the girls who received first aid from the surfers.

Ilan Kikuzhvili

Another incident that occurred at the citadel beach, on Saturday around 2pm, is an incident in which a number of friends went in for a dip in the sea, when at some point everyone started to get swept away by the current. The members of the group managed to swim and climb a hill and only Yael, 24, from Jerusalem, tried to swim back and was unsuccessful. Yael described how she felt during the event: “The ground just disappeared under my feet in seconds and I started to drift.”

Yael started to get carried away, drowned and drank water, but luckily for the surfer who was there, Shai Beida, who also works as a lifeguard in the Coastal Division, noticed her and joined her. The rescue patrol that was conducted by Charlie Rimon the chief lifeguard noticed the incident and immediately pulled out a lifebuoy and went in to help, and together they managed to get her out safely. The incident could have ended in disaster. In the beaches department, the public is repeatedly asked to bathe only on the declared beaches and under the supervision of the lifeguards.

Shay Beida

Charlie Pomegranate

August is a difficult and complex month. Multiple baths combined with a dangerous sea condition. Ashdod rescuers are working with great determination and high operational vigilance to provide a rescue solution. Bathing is allowed only on declared beaches and under the supervision of lifeguards.


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