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היהודים באים

The Jews are comingPhoto: From the corporation

The director general of the National Union Party, Yehuda Wald, wrote a letter to Education Minister Yoav Galant in which he asked him to remove the contents of the television series “The Jews Are Coming” from the Bible website of the Ministry of Education.

“Unfortunately, this is a provocative series that blatantly and consistently demeans Judaism, the Torah of Israel and the tradition of Israel,” Wald wrote to Galant. “The task of teaching the children of Israel the Bible is extremely important. Our book of books has always been a beacon of justice, honesty and morality for humanity in general and the people of Israel in particular, it is inconceivable that the children of Israel would meet this holy book through a series full of filth and slime.

“Most of the people of Israel believe and respect the tradition of Israel,” the director general of the National Union added. “Even the Likud voters who elected you are traditional people, lovers of Torah and Judaism. “This is in the contents of the education system in the Jewish state. I would appreciate it if you could remove these contents immediately.”

As mentioned, the State Bible website of the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the ‘929’ project offers teachers to teach the Bible from the series “The Jews Are Coming”, where, among others, Jonah the prophet is presented as an idiot and Elijah the prophet as a bloodthirsty killer.

Among the study materials offered by the state Bible website, the prophets Jonah and Habakkuk are shown hiding as children under the trees from God and at one point he says “I work with idiots.”

In another sketch offered on the same site, the prophet Elijah is portrayed as a bloodthirsty man who longed to kill the “prophets of Baal” and other people. It is also offered on the state Bible website to teach about Job decrees from another sketch of “The Jews Are Coming” where the story of Job is presented as part of a stretching program called “Eating Locus”.

The “Jews Are Coming” program is a satirical program broadcast by a public broadcasting corporation funded by the state’s citizens. The program is frequently sharply criticized for its continued disregard for Judaism and tradition.

B’Tselem said: “The ‘Jews Are Coming’ program is offensive and disgraceful and does not cause love of religion. The complete opposite. Program 929 is a program that aims to encourage Bible study in the eyes of the public and as such there is no place for it to cooperate with these degrading videos.


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