Still warm and sunny, but a little less hot


It will remain mostly dry on Saturday, with alternating sun and clouds. Temperatures are climbing less than yesterday, with maximums of up to 27 degrees in the center of the country, the RMI reports.

Saturday cloud fields and sunny periods alternate. It will remain dry in most places, unless some local showers during the morning in the southeast and east of the country are not excluded. At the sea the day starts gray with low-hanging clouds, but during the day it gets sunny. The maxima are noticeably lower than yesterday, with up to 22 degrees near the sea and 31 degrees in Belgian Lorraine. In the center we get temperatures around 27 degrees with a moderate wind from the west.

Saturday evening– It will remain dry at night in most places with broad clearing, although there is a chance of a shower in the southeast of the country. In the morning it can also rain by the sea. The minima fluctuate between 14 and 18 degrees.

Sunday the great heat is completely gone. We reach temperatures of up to 20 degrees by the sea and the High Ardennes and 24 degrees in Belgian Lorraine. It will be cloudy, but except for a few local showers we will keep it dry. During the day it gets sunny by the sea.

Monday starts variable to cloudy, with showers from the coast. Thunderbolt is not excluded. The mercury reaches 20 degrees, in the center it becomes 21 to 22 degrees. During the afternoon and evening it will become dry from the northwest.

Tuesday it will be dry first with clearings and cloud fields, but later in the day it will become overcast with some local rainfall. The temperatures then go from 18 to 23 degrees.

Also Wednesday mostly cloudy with a chance of a local splash of rain, although it may get sunnier in the south of the country. The mercury then rises to 25 to 26 degrees in the center, with a fairly strong west to southwest wind by the sea.

Thursday it remains dry and mostly sunny with high cloud fields. It gets warm again in the summer, with maximums of 27 to 31 degrees. A sea breeze rises by the sea and it does not get warmer than 23 degrees.

Friday it gets sunny and tropical warm again with some cumulus clouds. Temperatures then go from 23 degrees to the sea to 34 degrees in the east of the country.


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