Still in the playoffs: Portland defeated Houston


A packed night of basketball we got between Tuesday and Wednesday in the US with wins of quite a few underdogs and overcrowding in the area of ​​the fight for playoff tickets. Portland and Phoenix are still in the picture in the West with dramatic wins, first 102: 110 over Houston holding, second with 115: 117 against the Clippers thanks to a show Of Devin Booker.Indiana scored 109: 120 over Orlando, Miami defeated 106: 112 over Boston.

Los Angeles Clippers – Phoenix 117: 115
What a tremendous return to the team’s league from 12th place in the West, which is still three wins away from a ticket to the playoffs. This is the third victory in a row of the Suns, when this time it was achieved most impressively against the deputy leader from the City of Angels. Devin Booker excelled with 35 points and scored a winning basket at the last second.

Almost throughout the first half the highest advantage for each of the two teams was only 6 points, with a small run towards the end of the second quarter raised the Suns to a difference of 10. The team from LA managed to recover with a 0: 8 run and even equalized later in the third quarter but did not return To herself the advantage until the end.

The match remained close to the buzzer, when in the last minutes every Phoenix basket that raised it to a 2-point lead was answered with a tie on the other side. Kwai Leonard scored twice from the line en route to 115: 115 about half a minute to the end, but Devin Booker with a great fade-away on the buzzer set up the end result. Boker finished the game with 6 threes, and had quite a few assistants: Diandra Eyton (19), Ricky Rubio (18) and Dario Saric (13). Leonard’s 27 and Paul George’s 23 were not enough for the loser.


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