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The Motorola Edge Plus is not officially released in the Netherlands, but you can still get the smartphone at home at the Dutch web store Belsimpel. The device has high-end specifications and a hefty price of 1199 euros.

Motorola Edge Plus in the Netherlands anyway

The Motorola Edge Plus was announced simultaneously with the normal Motorola Edge, but only the latter appeared in Dutch stores. From today, the Belsimpel online store also offers the more expensive (and more powerful) Edge Plus. The smartphone costs no less than 1199 euros, comes in gray and can be purchased separately or in combination with a subscription.

→ View the Motorola Edge Plus at Belsimpel

Belsimpel has the Motorola Edge Plus in stock, so if you order it today, you have the device at home tomorrow. It is important to know that the smartphone does not offer 5G support in the Netherlands, because the suitable 5G bands are not supported. The regular Motorola Edge does this, although in the Netherlands you still have little use for 5G. The new mobile network is not yet available everywhere and the current speed improvements are small.

The Motorola Edge Plus has much the same design as the cheaper Edge, but faster hardware and better cameras. Under the hood is a Snapdragon 865 chip, 12GB RAM, 256GB (non-expandable) storage and 5000 mAh battery that supports (reverse) wireless charging.

The Edge Plus has room for a SIM card, so it is not possible to be reachable on two telephone numbers. The primary 108 megapixel camera is assisted by an 8 megapixel telephoto lens for 3x optical zoom, 16 megapixel wide angle lens and Time of Flight sensor.

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Motorola Edge

The regular Motorola Edge has been available in the Netherlands since the end of May for a suggested retail price of 599 euros. The phones have already dropped in price, so you can get it for 510 euros. The device is notable for its sleek design, excellent battery life and good performance. In the Motorola Edge review you can read everything about the smartphone. Check the conclusion of the review below.

Where we can often recommend the budget devices from Motorola without problems, the Edge is slightly different. The Motorola Edge is a smartphone that largely convinces and also offers great value for money. It has a beautiful design, good screen, nice fast hardware and long battery life. The Motorola software is also very nice to use, where it is nice that you now have slightly more options than before.

However, we would have liked the cameras to take good pictures in all situations, and we are a bit concerned about the screen problems we have encountered. In addition, the update policy is rather moderate, especially for a device that costs 599 euros. If you can live with that, then you get a good, but not a perfect smartphone with the Motorola Edge.

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