Stevie Nicks warns upcoming musicians: save for rehab Entertainment


The 72-year-old Stevie also has experience with addiction during her career. According to her, it is impossible for musicians not to get into a downward spiral. “I don’t think you can tell a drug addict what to do. I think a drug addict should wake up and realize ‘I’m a drug addict, I’m going to die and I’m not going to do it again’ or ‘take me to the hospital.’ ”

According to Stevie, it was not only the artists themselves, but also housewives, lawyers, and everyone in the music industry who committed drug abuse in her time. “I wouldn’t recommend anyone to start now. If people still want to do it, I always say that they must open a savings account and put money away for the rehab clinic. It can cost $ 30,000 to get rid of it, so just don’t get started. ”


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