Steps manufacturer from Heerhugowaard buries battle ax with Messi | NOW


Toy manufacturer Easy2Company from Heerhugowaard has found a solution to a conflict with star football player Lionel Messi. The Argentinian had defaulted on a sponsorship deal, according to the company, but he will now indirectly advertise the company’s Space Scooter anyway.

There will be a game around the scooter in which a meeting with Messi and a ticket to a Barcelona match can be won. “We are very happy that we came out this way”, Joost Blom director of the company told “It was a long story that has now been resolved.”

Easy2Company concluded an agreement with Messi in 2014 to advertise the new scooter. Last fall, the company started a lawsuit, because the Barcelona star would have done nothing at all to promote the Space Scooter.

It is now difficult to say whether the Easy2Company case cost a lot of money on balance, according to Blom. “The game is good advertising and hopefully that will boost the sales of the scooters again.”

The company hopes to be able to offer winners of the game the meeting with Messi around a Barcelona match in early 2021. That all still depends on the development of the corona virus.


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