Stephan from ‘Boer kkt woman’ still clears debris after stable …


At the beginning of this year, Stephan’s farm in Canada was hit by a stable fire. Meanwhile, he is still clearing debris.
Photo: Farmer sinks Woman – Around the World

The Flemish-Canadian horse farmer Stephan (34) from Farmer sinks woman says in Hey everyone that he is still clearing debris after a big barn fire on New Year’s Eve. Stephan was not present when the fire broke out. He was on a large horse ranch in Arizona.

The neighbor was only able to notify him a day later. The shed was completely burnt down. A tractor, a canoe, work tools: everything went up in flames. In total, the damage amounts to more than 200,000 euros. Stephan did not return to Canada until March. “I had been preparing for two months, and yet I was upset.” There may have been a short circuit after squirrels bit through a cable.


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