Static and Ben El continue in the new song to sound formulaic and uninteresting


Before Corona shut down the music world almost completely, Static and Ben El were scheduled to fly on a huge tour in the United States, serve as the opening performance of Pitbull and Sean Paul and perform in the American Idol finale in the United States.

Due to the restrictions, the two re-edited the clip for their song “Amale” (anyone remember? I’m less) with the perfection of hip hop artist and rap flip dinaro to which he joined a new song – “Milli” (short for “Million”) that combines hip hop and curls Orientals.

The truth is that I was quite disappointed with the song – after the duo’s bad departure with Nasreen Kadri for “Habib Albi”, they continue to sound formulaic and uninteresting in the new song, which is built in a stenciled form that goes nowhere, certainly not in the chorus.

So some ruffles and hip hop is not something new for the duo and especially for their listeners. In the past, the duo rose to prominence by bringing the new, refreshing, different vibe every time from their predecessor, and recently they seem to have “lost” it a bit and fallen into the comfortable and safe place that may sound reasonable (not beyond) to the Israeli ear, but to the international ear (at least) In this song) as another WANNABE’S trying to succeed big and all really and sincerely hope they will succeed, but musically it’s hard for me to see that happen.

Lacks the enthusiasm, passion, investment and pedantic thought for every nuance, lacks the groove and chemistry that usually characterize the charismatic duo and joining Flip Dinero is a cute but not too helpful gimmick (we would not feel lacking even if he did not participate in the song).

In order to continue to be successful and realize the expectations, promises and potential inherent in the duo, they must think about how to reinvent themselves and step out of their comfort zone and prove that they deserve that with a song like this, the result, in my opinion at least, is quite the opposite.


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