‘States with many corona cases should consider lockdown’ – Wel.nl


WASHINGTON (ANP) – The most authoritative U.S. infectious disease officer and expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, says states in the United States facing many new cases of corona should consider far-reaching lockdown measures. Fauci emphasized the need to realize a low number of new infections before the flu season started in the fall.

The immunologist warns in an interview with a medical journal that some states with moderate rates of contamination cases show a large percentage growth in the number of corona infections. Fauci has included Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Minnesota, among others.

Last week, Fauci said that states with contagion spikes and rapid increases should consider postponing further easing. He then said that those states don’t have to go into lockdown again. The states of Arkansas, California, Florida, Montana, Oregon, and Texas reported record deaths last week.

Fauci believes it is critical that the corona outbreaks be contained before fall. In that season, the flu is also expected to become more common again, and the risk of infection is higher because people are inside more often.

He also warned that young children are able to spread the virus. In doing so, he warns indirectly of the government’s planned reopening of schools, which has become part of President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

The US is the hardest hit of the new corona virus of all countries. According to Johns Hopkins University data, 4,696,573 people in the country have been infected. In the US, 155,196 persons diagnosed with an infection have died.


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