Statements Clement under fire: “Not just his”


After the defeat in the cup final against Antwerp, Dutch champion Club Brugge also lost on Saturday in its first league match of the new season. Charleroi won 0-1 in an empty Jan Breydel. Coach Philippe Clement is not worried yet and tried to minimize the defeat afterwards.

For example, he talked about a ‘hold-up’ of the Carolos and he felt that his team should always have won based on the odds and the field superiority. However, the statements went wrong with analyst Philippe Albert, who felt that there was no ‘hold-up’. “I really did not like Clement’s statements. It is disappointing from the best coach in our league, of whom we are not used to such a lack of sportsmanship,” said the ex-Red Devil. SouthPress.

Bee The last news it was considered inappropriate for Clement to use the warm weather as an excuse. After all, the opponent played in the same temperature, and it was not even as warm on Saturday at Jan Breydel than on many other fields this weekend. “Clement should not play as a weatherman”, the newspaper headlines.

POLL: Clement must dare to lay hands more in his own bosom …


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