State on the way to a plea deal with MK Haim Katz – legal and criminal news


חיים כץ

Haim KatzPhoto: Esti Dziubov / TPS

The state submitted a request to the High Court to postpone the hearing that is due to take place tomorrow (Wednesday) before a panel of judges, in the three petitions filed against the Knesset decision to adopt the Knesset committee’s recommendation to grant MK Haim Katz immunity from criminal prosecution, in accordance with the Knesset members’ immunity law. .

The statement said that the Attorney General and MK Katz wanted to bring to the court’s attention “the existence of strained contacts between them, which may obviate the need for the Honorable Court to decide on the petitions.”

“The respondents will seek to clarify that they acted to speed up the contacts between them and held an intensive dialogue in order to complete it before the hearing, but despite the efforts, unfortunately, they were unable to complete the dialogue between them, and now it has been clarified that they will need another short period.” The message.


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