Splinter Cell gets an animated series on Netflix


Variety has released that Netflix and Ubisoft are working on an animated series about Splinter Cell. It must be an anime and perhaps more importantly, the writer behind John Wink, Derek Kolstad, will also interpret the story of this series. The intention is that they will translate the essence of the games into a series.

Much more information has not been released, but there also seems to be a film in the making, in which Tom Hardy has to play the role of Sam Fisher. Whether this will really happen is still the question, because for a project like Uncharted it also took years before filming started.

Of course these kinds of projects are fun, but of course we would like to see a new game, because it has been seven years since Splinter Cell Blacklist appeared. Do you want to think back to the series with us? Especially listen to the Gamersnet Fanzone about Splinter Cell!


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