Speaks Hebrew, goes to a motel, speaks Yiddish, at home


a a A Advertisements on behalf of the Beit Shemesh Municipality that are currently published in the local press in the city, with instructions for residents regarding the Corona virus, and which appeal to all residents of the city, were published for Hassidic residents who speak Yiddish, differently from ads published in Hebrew to the general public.

An ad published in Hebrew states that if you suffer from one of the following symptoms such as sore throat, fever, general weakness, and loss of taste in food, you should be checked urgently, while the ad in Yiddish says that if you suffer from these symptoms, you must stay home to make sure others do not. Will be infected, without the call to go and be tested.

A resident of the city says in a conversation with Shabbat Square that he thinks those who know the area well believe that after some of the population living in the city decided not to go and get tested, the goal is to at least keep those who feel symptoms at home and increase awareness of the importance of infection. Additional residents.

The municipality stated in response that “on behalf of the spokesperson department of the Beit Shemesh municipality, an ad was designed calling on anyone who feels Corona’s symptoms to go out and be tested.

New newspaper in Beit Shemesh asked on its own initiative to translate the ad into Yiddish. If an error has occurred in translating the ad, please contact a new newspaper.

The Beit Shemesh municipality calls on anyone who feels symptoms to be examined immediately and anyone who is verified patient to go out and vacate to recover in the hotels offered by the health funds. “

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The newspaper itself said in a particularly convoluted response that “an ad published in the newspaper this week under the headline” Coquette Gut Over “, an ad in Yiddish emphasizing the symptoms that require their subjects to be tested by the corona, stated that the symptoms should be hidden in their home and not endanger the environment.

It is important to emphasize that the directive to stay at home and not endanger the environment is, of course, subject to tests by MDA or the HMO, and certainly there was no other intention, but only to sharpen the importance and not endanger the environment.

Since some have interpreted the call “stay at home and not endanger the environment” incorrectly, it is important for us to emphasize the importance of those with symptoms to go get tested, which of course was the intention of the ad, and to keep the commandment ‘and you were saved from fire for your souls’!

We call on the public to be vigilant for any symptoms, and to turn to Corona immediately, thus being a partner in saving lives. “


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