Spain imposes new restrictions on stopping the corona


Authorities in Spain announced yesterday (Friday) a series of new restrictions on the fight against Corona, due to the renewed outbreak of the epidemic in the country’s territories. As part of the restrictions, Spanish Health Minister Salvador Ayala has announced a ban on smoking in public places where it is not possible to maintain a safe distance from people. This, as well as the closure of places of entertainment such as restaurants, clubs and bars at night – which provoked outrage among those involved in the industry that was severely affected by the corona.

Ayala also recommended limiting gatherings indoors to up to ten people. Following a consultation with representatives of the 17 provinces of Spain, the Minister of Health announced that from 01:00 at night restaurants, bars and clubs will be instructed to close their gates. This, in addition to limiting the number of diners to ten people, while maintaining a distance of at least a meter and a half between tables. Authorities will also ban drinking in public spaces.

The Spanish Ministry of Health has emphasized that the closure extends to all businesses in the field of nightlife, including dance halls, in all areas of the country – even at popular tourist-dependent sites.


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