Space-Communications and Gilat Telecom will cooperate in transactions with mobile operators and Internet providers in Africa.


Amos 17 satellite capabilities and Gilat technologies will meet the continent’s growing demand for services such as distance medicine and online learning. Gilat Telecom CEO: Using our SD-WAN MAX product will allow space communications customers to enjoy advanced management services

Collaboration between two Israeli space companies in Africa – Gilat and Space Communications. Illustration: Press

Halal-Communications, the operator of the Amos communications satellite, and Gilat Telecom, a network service provider for the development of fast and advanced satellite services for companies in the African continent, announced today that they will cooperate and offer customers in Africa advanced and reliable communication services thanks to the high digital capabilities of Amos 17 satellite. The SD-WAN MAX product from Gilat Telecom. These include distance medical services, online learning, video conferencing and more, which will be available immediately and can be used to connect from home or office.

The collaboration between Space-Communications and Gilat Telecom, will allow operators of cellular networks and Internet providers in Africa great savings in expenses thanks to the connection allowed by the advanced Amos 17 satellite while using and utilizing the customer’s existing equipment, which can also be operated remotely by end users. In addition, the customer will also enjoy higher throughput and reduced operating costs, thanks to the use of Gilat Telecom’s smart service provider and a smart management tariff thanks to SD-WAN technology, which allows service providers and cellular network providers to centralize control of information traffic by satellite and fiber. Both optical. The service allows various uses such as: voice usage, streaming, use of applications such as Facebook, Netflix, cloud services, etc., all of which are customized to the needs of the users and the requirement.

Ofer Asif, VP of Business Development, Marketing and Strategy at Space-Communications, notes that “The collaboration with Gilat Telecom will enable the company to accelerate the services offered to customers while utilizing the advanced technology of Amos 17 satellite in the developing African market. We are confident that the cooperation with Gilat Telecom will lead us to many lucrative business opportunities in Africa. ”

Amir Cohen, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Gilat Telecom: “We are an entrepreneurial company, which is constantly focusing on how to improve the service we provide for our customers. The collaboration with Space-Communications indicates that we are working within an ecosystem to drive cost savings and improve capabilities. ”

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