Song Addy van den Krommenacker invades top hundred of iTunes | NOW


The song that Addy van den Krommenacker accidentally discovered online last Thursday entered the top 100 of iTunes on Sunday, the fashion designer reported on Twitter on Sunday.

Van den Krommenacker recorded the Italian song Never again ten years ago, but never officially released it because he wanted to keep his focus on his work as a couturier. On Thursday he found out that the song was still published on Spotify and iTunes by producer Cees Vermeulen Windsant, who currently lives in the Philippines.

To his own surprise, the song is ninetieth in the iTunes chart on Sunday afternoon. “I fall from one surprise to another,” seventy-year-old Van den Krommenacker writes on his Twitter account. “Maybe I should check to see if royalties are due to me.”

Producer Vermeulen said to it on Thursday AD that he is willing to give up income. “If it pays off, we can always sit around the table again, because I’m also old now.”

Vermeulen asked Van den Krommenacker in 2010 if he wanted the Italian version of Unchained Melody wanted to record. The well-known hit of The Righteous Brothers is Van den Krommenacker’s favorite song.


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