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Seven years ago, Thiago Alcantara was a partner in one of the biggest defeats in the history of Barcelona. The young midfielder, then 22, played just 25 minutes in a 4-0 and 3-0 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League semi-final. A few weeks later Pep Guardiola, appointed the Bavarians’ new coach, demanded only one thing from his employers: “I told management I only want one player. Tiago or no one else.” Bayern paid only 25 million euros for the connection and the rest, as they say, belongs to history.

Back in 2020 and after seven consecutive championships, Thiago Alcantara is already on his way to his next destination. At the beginning of last month, the CEO Karl Heinz Rummenigge Revealed: “Tiago is a great guy, off and on the field. We negotiated with him. We have responded to all his requests, but the impression is that he wants to leave and find a new challenge. ” Absorb the star.

Even before that happens, Tiago has an unfinished business. In all his years at Bayern he has failed to win the Champions League, although his team has almost always in recent years come from one of the favorites to take over the trophy with big ears. The situation is the same this season, as after 18 consecutive victories in all competitions, with the next rival to meet, Barcelona, ​​faltering, and Real Madrid, the eternal queen, already out, it seems that the Bavarians have never reached such a position of power to complete a treble win, for the first time since 2013.

It would be a bit odd to say that, but not at all sure Tiago was destined to start in the Final 8. Remember, the gifted Spaniard was injured and underwent surgery two months ago that caused him to miss almost the entire return to the league after the Corona break. For the cup final against Leverkusen, he appeared for only three minutes and even then, everyone in Munich understood that the relationship sees itself elsewhere next season. But the injury of Benjamin Favre, who could miss the rest of the Champions League, changed plans. Joshua Kimich went down to the right defensive position as the rotation in the center of the field was shortened. Naturally Tiago and Leon Gorczak, are supposed to take the reins.

Guardiola once said of Tiago that he is an actor capable of playing all the roles in the central link, due to a set of exceptional features. That is, in its power to serve as the No. 10 brilliant playmaker, to fall back as No. 8 but also to be the Saxer, that is, the ultimate back contact that clears the area and extracts balls. In the last year, even under the tenure of Nico Kovacs, Tiago spent mostly in the role of 6 together with Kimich and did so with great success and as in his entire career, only the injuries are the ones that threatened to bring him back. But Tiago always gets back on his feet and with the Enzy Flick blossoms at every opportunity he has on the grass.

For the last game against Chelsea. Although Bayern came away with a huge advantage from the first game (0: 3), Thiago played as if it was his last game of his career. Both offensively and defensively he was the home side, with creating quick dedication and when needed then he was not ashamed to go down 40 yards to the sprint and extract the ball from Ross Barkley, as he knew to do elegantly early in the second half. “Tiago has proven he can also play dirty when needed,” Bader Spiegel wrote of him. Bayern defeated the English 1: 4 and cruised to the quarterfinals in Lisbon.

Tiago, who came to Bayern on the standard of creative connection at the time, has become a much more complete and round player over the years. Thomas Muller He recently praised him when he said: “Tiago is not one of those who can only move the ball well and excite the spectators. He is one of the best ball thieves there is.” As proof, Alcantara leads Bayern in the Champions League ball rescue column with 66 in 7 games. This combination of offensive aesthetics and fine defensive ability is what makes him such a sought-after and rare player in the landscape of world football.

Tonight (22:00, SPORT5) Tiago will meet his ex Barcelona. The one who gave up his ranks at a very young age, at the height of the Xavi and Andres Iniesta era, and her fans regret it almost every day of the week. It could very well be that Bayern will also hit on a sin, if indeed Tiago leaves it, when he is still at the height of Ono, only 29 years old and considered the best Spanish footballer today by a considerable margin. But at least the Germans will be able to do so with relative peace of mind, if the Spanish midfielder helps them win the Champions League. This can be a farewell gift from the movies and completely realistic.


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