“Some of my players are now mad”


Ai ai Club Brugge. The current Belgian national champion labeled as the big favorite for the cup win, but Royal Antwerp FC showed more enthusiasm and fighting skills. Antwerp coach Ivan Leko had his tactical plan completely ready, and his Bruges colleague Philippe Clement could not answer that.

The disappointment was enormous in the Bruges camp, where it was hoped so hard to win the double again. “It is always dangerous after a year in which you play champion,” Clement analyzed in Club Brugge’s club channels. “You can see that many teams have a harder season after that. It is sometimes five percent less in the head, but that’s exactly where the danger lies. We are constantly hammering to always be one hundred percent top.”

After the game was over, there were still some issues to be noted between players of Antwerp and Club Brugge. “Some of my players are furious now, but you shouldn’t be furious with words, but by showing things on the field. I saw that in the second half. It has been a fantastic season, but it could have been even better could be with that double. ”

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