SNS ATMs in HEMA branches no longer open at all NOW


The more than two hundred SNS ATMs in HEMA branches that were turned off at the end of May after yet another thunderbolt will no longer be operational. That said a spokesman for de Volksbank, the parent company of both SNS and RegioBank, on Tuesday against

Also the handful of RegioBank ATMs in a number of SPAR supermarkets are no longer put into operation as such. Customers of the banks can use the yellow machines of Geldmaat, several dozen outdoor machines from their own banks and they can ‘pin money’ at the cash desk at HEMA.

De Volksbank immediately switched off all ATMs on 25 May this year after an explosion at a HEMA branch in Lisse. That was yet another. Earlier, ABN AMRO closed nearly 400 vending machines for the same reason. ABN announced in April that a few dozen machines had been replaced by less explosive-sensitive ones.

The other few hundred disappear and are replaced where necessary by Geldmaat devices. Geldmaat’s yellow machines are a joint initiative of ABN AMRO, Rabobank and ING. There are now about seventeen hundred in the Netherlands.

You can also withdraw money at the cash registers of HEMA

SNS and Regiobank customers were already able to turn to Geldmaat to withdraw money. “Our customers can now also use services such as checking your balance, changing the pin code and when they have arranged an increased limit, that amount can also be taken out of the Geldmaat,” explains the deputy of de Volksbank.

According to the spokesperson, the service of SNS and Regiobank has only increased by fully joining Geldmaat. “We could never offer our customers the large network of Geldmaat. They are concerned with the service and the possibility of withdrawing money. This is now also possible at the cash registers at the HEMA stores.”

The spokesman for the bank promises that the costs of a payment package will not increase due to the adjustments.


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