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ח"כ סמוטריץ' במליאה

MK Smutrich in the plenumPhoto: Adina Velman, Spokeswoman for the Knesset

MK Bezalel Smutrich sent a letter to the corona projector in which he presented a proposal for an outline that would allow the prayers of the holy days to be held in the shadow of the corona plague.

“The upcoming Tishrei holidays for us are characterized every year by a large number of long prayers in the synagogues. The highlight of course is on Yom Kippur, which includes fasting and prayers in hot weather,” Smutrich noted.

He said, “It seems that preparations are needed that will protect the masses of worshipers, and the entire Israeli public, from the virus and from its spread on the one hand, and on the other hand it will allow as much prayer as possible for all its components (blowing the shofar, reading the Torah, etc.).”

“I would like to offer the following simple solution which can maintain public health and enable the prayers to be held,” Smutrich wrote.

According to the solution proposed by Smutrich, a “temporary provision will be promoted which will stipulate that the local authorities will make available to communities and synagogues the municipal buildings available to them, including schools, community centers, kindergartens and other public buildings.”

“These buildings are air-conditioned with many spaces that will allow for the correct preparation of a large number of separate quorums without exceeding the maximum number of worshipers as determined by the professionals for the holidays,” he explained.

According to the chairman of the National Union, “If there is no preparation, God forbid, we may encounter a serious violation of the guidelines by those who will not agree to give up prayers on the High Holidays, or alternatively mass abstinence from the High Holidays prayers, two very bad alternatives of course.”

“I would like to end this letter with the words of a great midrash on the prayers of the terrible days: At your service as much as necessary in order to resolve the matter as soon as possible, “MK Smutrich signed his letter.


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