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ח"כ סמוטריץ' במליאה

MK Smutrich in the plenumPhoto: Adina Welman, Knesset Spokeswoman

MK Bezalel Smutrich (right) attacked at noon (Sunday) during a discussion in the Knesset Finance Committee the “Hauser compromise” to postpone the deadline for approving the state budget.

“Zvika Hauser’s ‘compromise’ is Israbloff, which will only sentence us to a few more months of government paralysis, without a state budget and without properly dealing with the corona crisis, which will immediately lead to another election,” he claimed.

He said, “Hauser has a political interest in postponing the election in which he has no framework to run and pass the blocking percentage. This interest intersects with the interest of Blue and White, which is losing half its power in the polls, “Only one interest has been forgotten – the interest of the citizens of Israel who need a functioning and stable government.”

“The original sin of this government is the dismantling of the right-wing bloc by Netanyahu and the hallucinatory idea of ​​’privacy’, raised by the president and in which a note dropping a right-wing voter to the ballot box is worth a third of a left-wing voter’s note. This idea stole democracy, Able to function structurally, “Smutrich added.

“‘There are no two kings in one crown’. The idea that a state can be run with two prime ministers and with a demand for equal power relations between political camps that are far from equal in size is unfounded and leads to tension in almost every issue,” he explained.

Smutrich noted, “Every day that passes I thank God more that we are not part of this evil government, which is preoccupied all day with personal and political personal accounts instead of for the good of the state and its citizens.”

“The only revised agreement the Likud needs to sign is one that will restore the left to its natural size and influence in government, eliminate alternative rhetoric and rotation with those representing a single-digit number of seats in the public, and allow immediate budget transfer and return to right-wing policies. “Another agreement is one in which both sides sell the Israeli public, the Israeli economy, democracy, and their values ​​in exchange for personal political survival. Elections at this time are bad. But a detached and paralyzed government is much worse,” Smutrich stressed.


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