Smartphone covers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 models


Samsung also releases a range of matching accessories simultaneously with the Galaxy Note 20 (Ultra), including these silicone cases and flip covers.

Only four more days until Samsung will introduce its new Galaxy line-up for the second half of 2020. In addition to a new Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch, a Galaxy Tab S7 / S7 Plus tablet and Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds, Samsung will also announce two Galaxy Note 20 during the online launch event, as well as the Galaxy Z Fold 2 foldable smartphone. A lot of information has already become known about the new models recently, so it’s time to learn more about the accessories.

When introducing a top model smartphone, Samsung always releases multiple types of covers and covers, in a range of different colors. These high-end phone models are certainly not cheap, so it is advisable to protect such a device well with the help of a case. This way you can significantly reduce the chance of damage.

Finally, the repair costs can be quite high if your smartphone is damaged, especially with devices with an expensive edge display – a broken screen is still the most common smartphone repair. It is therefore nice that Samsung offers its customers a choice from a range of different smartphone cases, so there is something for everyone.

Last month, LetsGoDigital already reported that the smartphone cases for the Samsung Note 20 models will most likely be provided with an Antimicrobial Coating. This information has since been confirmed by several sources. This special coating ensures that the spread of bacteria is prevented. It has been proven effective against corona, making it a particularly valuable addition at a time when the Corona pandemic is still going on.

Apart from this information, little was known about the new cases for the Note smartphones. There brings twitterer Roland Quandt (WinFuture) now changes by putting a series of images online of the official smartphone cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (Ultra). Unfortunately, no price or specs are mentioned, but the images nevertheless offer a good first impression.

Samsung smartphonehoesjes

Samsung smartphone cases and phone covers

The product images show different flip-open cases. To start with the recognizable Clear View Cover. This case covers both the front and back of the device. On the front is a transparent bar that covers the entire length axis, so you are automatically informed of notifications and incoming calls and messages, even if you have closed the phone case.

The images show the case in a mint green and a pink color, for both the Note 20 and its bigger brother the Note 20 Ultra. This is probably a Smart Clear View Cover, as was first introduced for the Galaxy S20. This cover has a special user interface that allows you to operate your phone without having to open the cover.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 model

We also see a Note 20 cover where only the back of the device is protected. This is probably a Sillicone Cover. This feels nice and soft and smooth, but retains sufficient grip. In addition, given Samsung’s history, it is likely that a Leather Cover will also appear. For example, a luxury calf leather case has also been released for the Note 10. Although this leather cover is not visible in the images, we still see a cover with the option to store a card, this is shown in a gray color scheme.

The new range of accessories for the Note 20 models build on the existing cases for the Note 10 series. For the Galaxy Note 10, Samsung has released six types of smartphone cases, namely an LED cover, an LED View cover, a Clear View cover, a Leather cover, a Sillicone cover and finally a Protective Standing Cover.

It is therefore not inconceivable that in addition to the phone cases where images have now appeared online, a few more cases and covers are being released by Samsung. The Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event will take place on August 5, at 16:00 the presentation can be followed via a live stream. During the event, all new features of the Note 20 will be discussed.


Do you have a Galaxy Note 10 (Plus) and can you use a new case? Then it is definitely worthwhile to consult the Samsung site. Several original cases and cases are currently on offer for just $ 9.99 – instead of $ 64.99. That’s another offer!


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