“Smardo Samuels attacked a man with a stick and arrested”


Samuel. See Getty Images | Photo: Sports 5

When Smardo Samuels landed in Jerusalem, somewhere in April 2013, almost everyone was in shock. How does a Cleveland actor, considered a big promise, land in the capital? Misjudgment, they argued then – and tonight (Wednesday), that claim received another seal of approval.

The former Hapoel Jerusalem player, who also played in Milan and Barcelona later, got into a mess after “attacking another man in the head with a stick, so much so that he needed stitches,” Mundo Deportivo claims. The Jamaican, who has been in Barcelona for a month, was reportedly detained by local police.

And it does not end here. A few days ago, Samuels “starred” in another incident and was stopped by city inspectors in Barcelona, ​​after driving his BMW in an area where driving was prohibited. Municipal police motorcyclists arrived immediately, arrested Samuels and informed him that he could not drive there, as it was an area crowded with pedestrians. Samuel, who was traveling without a passport, driver’s license or insurance, got out of it cheaply.

“He was involved in several incidents,” police were quoted as saying in the report. “The marijuana he consumed was confiscated, and he suffered several more threats. He slept many nights in his car, the window in it was broken because he claimed he did not have the key to it. The car was parked in the parking lot.”


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