Slot: ‘Huge windfall if we don’t play a qualifying round’


AZ coach Arne Slot does not expect his club’s protest at UEFA to yield anything. Slot tells that in conversation with FOX Sports. The Alkmaarders think that they be entitled to it best Champions League ticket, because they have a better mutual result with Ajax. On Monday they will hear whether UEFA agrees with them.

“We didn’t start two weeks ago for nothing,” Slot says. “We are preparing for Q2 (the second heat of the Champions League, ed.) In all scenarios and everything that is better in that has been included. Frankly, if you look at the status of that situation now, I think it’s going to be a huge stroke of luck if we don’t play Q2. ” The AZ trainer is honest and does not take it into account. “I think that’s normal and I shouldn’t.”

On August 25 is the second heat of the Champions League and that is all that Slot focuses on. “We are only concerned that we have to play August 25. That also seems to me to be the most realistic scenario at the moment. That the KNVB chose differently at the time is now behind us. ‘ So if UEFA decides otherwise, it would be a boost. “It would be a huge stroke of luck if things turned out differently in two days. We as players and staff are fully focused on August 25. ”

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