‘Slaughterhouse Helmond employees continued to work with corona complaints’ | NOW


Employees of slaughterhouse Van Rooij in Helmond have worked while some of them had complaints that correspond to an infection with the coronavirus. They tell the WE.

According to the employees, this concerns work that has been done in the past two months.

The employees say in conversation with the WE that some were instructed not to speak the truth about certain health problems. Employees of the slaughterhouse in Helmond would also have been afraid of losing their jobs. Because of that fear, some did not report having complaints, the WE.

Following the investigation of the WE the Brabant-Zuidoost Safety Region and the GGD have decided to immediately introduce new measures for the slaughterhouse. For example, health declarations will be checked unannounced soon.

In conversation with the WE Marc van Rooij, director of the slaughterhouse, denies that employees were instructed to lie. “To my knowledge, this has not happened. And if we hear about it, we will take measures. We have only one interest and that is to keep the factory corona-free,” he says in conversation with the medium.


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