Six-year-old girl almost chokes on chicken nuggets through mouth mask


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You now see face masks all over the world, but for a 6-year-old girl, such a mask was not fatal in the nick of time. She almost choked on pieces of mask that were in her chicken nuggets.

Daily Mail’s mother, Laura Arber, tells her story. She went to a McDonald’s in Aldershot, Hampshire to buy a meal to eat with three of her four children. She picked up her order with the aim of eating together at home.

Fingers in the throat

Moments later, when the family was sitting on the sofa together, Laura suddenly saw that her 6-year-old daughter Maddie was having trouble eating and seemed to choke on something. “She started to gasp, so I put my fingers in her throat to take out what was stuck there. Then I saw blue dust. I was really like, what the hell is this? ”

The blue turned out to be pieces of dust from a mouth mask. When Laura looked in the box, she also looked blue, at least one of the other chicken nuggets from her box of twenty pieces. “The mask was really boiled down. As if it were a piece of chicken. ”

“She could have been dead”

Laura spoke to the relevant branch, who told her that the nuggets are not made in the branch. That does not matter in itself: according to the mother, she has not received any apologies, which is very disturbing. She was also very shocked that the restaurant did not stop serving the chicken nuggets after her report. “What if I hadn’t been in the room and my daughter had been suffocated? She could have been dead. This only takes a few seconds! ”

According to Daily Mail, a McDonald’s spokesperson, meanwhile, has apologized for the incident. “Food safety is extremely important to us and we place great value on quality control, following strict standards to avoid mistakes. When we heard this story through our staff, we immediately apologized, reimbursed and asked the customer to return the item to us so that we can investigate the case and withdraw the product range it concerns . ”

Source: Metro Netherlands


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