Significant investment by Google in Nokia maker HMD Global


Together with Qualcomm, Google has contributed to a significant investment in the maker of Nokia phones: HMD Global. The investment amount is 230 million dollars, which is about 195 million euros.

HMD Global has completed an investment round in which it successfully raised a substantial amount. The company is now valued at approximately $ 1 billion. HMD Global is there specifically to develop and market Nokia phones. So it seems that a new phone is going to be made.

A new Nokia phone has also recently been announced. HMD Global has unveiled a 5G device, but we have yet to see when this device, Nokia 8.3, will actually hit the market. The company plans to make 5G phones available to more people with this capital injection. It will probably have to seek even more cooperation with American providers, such as Verizon, AT&T and Cricket Wireless, writes Venturebeat.

HMD’s previous investment round dates back to 2018, when it raised $ 100 million from Ginko Ventures, DMJ Asia Investment Opportunity and Wonderful Stars, among others. Hopefully there will be money left, because especially now that the Americans are doing everything they can to keep the Chinese emerging market out of the gate, there may well be room for a European provider. Something that is in any case rare on our continent, where no other telephone makers can be found.

In any case, HMD Global seems very interested in America. It recently moved all of its data center from Singapore to Finland, so the information is stored in Europe instead of Asia. However, there is still a lot of work to be done. The market share of HMD Global in smartphones is probably about 1 percent, Centerpoint Research indicates.

Tip: HMD Global (Nokia) is committed to enterprise, but will not be profitable in the coming years


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