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Yona Abrushmi, the killer of the late Emil Grinzwig, in an interview that sparked a storm following a police complaint about incitement to murder • Coalition chairman Mickey Zohar accuses Blue and White of dragging the country to the polls and explains Bennett’s rise in the polls “And” Anita “• We have collected for you the best articles and news of the weekend


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Yona Abrushmi, the killer of the late Emil Grinzwig, who was released from prison after 27 years, caused a stir when he was not afraid to call the protesters in Balfour “bacteria that need to be destroyed.” Also: A 23-year-old man was murdered in Rishon Lezion – 8 suspects were arrested.

The killer of the late Emil Grinzwig: “Young people today will know what to do”

The tumultuous demonstrations in recent weeks in Balfour and the violence that accompanies them are reminiscent of the trauma of that demonstration in front of the Prime Minister’s Office, in February 1983, at the end of which a grenade was thrown that killed the late Emil Grinzwig. 37 years later, Yigal Mosko He also returned to the killer Yona Abrushmi, whose sentence was shortened to 27 years, but revealed that the protesters in Balfour today also deserve, according to him, a similar fate. To the full article

Jonah Abrushmi murdered Emil Grinzweig Z.
Yona Abrushmi: “Young people today will already know what to do” | Photo: The News 12

Police complaint against Yonah Abrushmi: “Incitement to murder”

Following the remarks of the late Emile Grinzwig’s killer in an interview with Legal Mosque, representatives of the Crime Minister movement filed a complaint with the police against Abrushmi for serious incitement to murder. MK Moshe (Boogie) Ya’alon called for his immediate arrest: “Netanyahu must shake things off, “Because Abrushmi relied on his incitement against the protesters.” To the full article

Survey of seats: The Likud loses a seat, the right leaps

About two weeks before the dissolution of the Knesset – if the budget miraculously does not pass – the Likud loses one seat but still maintains a large gap from the other party, there is a future for Yair Lapid. Bnei Gantz’s blue and white far behind with 11 seats. Despite the decline in polls, the right-wing bloc retains its strength. Blue and white led by former chief of staff Izenkot does not change the picture dramatically. Bennett is surprising and approaches Netanyahu accordingly for prime minister. For the full survey

MK Mickey Zohar: “If an agreement is signed, should it be kept?”

In an interview with Ulpan Shishi, coalition chairman Miki Zohar referred to a possibility that seems closer than ever – a fourth election. He claims that Netanyahu is not interested in further elections – and that the culprits in the situation are Gantz and Blue and White. Is in opposition. To the full article

Call for Gantz: enacted a law prohibiting a criminal defendant from forming a government

MK Tamar Zandberg calls on Gantz and his friends in blue and white to begin legislative proceedings that could prevent Netanyahu from forming a government after the next election: In Corona. “This is unequivocal proof that a bribe-taker cannot be prime minister.” To the full article

Protest in Lebanon: Demonstrators “hang” Nasrallah

Stormy demonstrations in Lebanon: “The people demand a revolution”

In the shadow of the economic crisis and the huge explosion in Beirut – thousands of Lebanese citizens are expected to participate in the demonstrations tonight (Saturday) in the capital against the government. Some 7,000 protesters have already arrived at the entrance to the parliament building in Beirut and tried to break into it – but were repulsed with gas grenades fired by security forces. In response, Lebanese security forces issued a message to protesters in an attempt to reassure them: “Understand the rage of the protesters – but ask them to exercise restraint.” Live television

The wonderful story behind the “Golda” and “Anita” network

It may not look like it, but Anita Avital is the first lady behind the largest and richest ice cream empire in Israel – “Anita”. What started as a small boutique business in Tel Aviv grew, and the family was joined by the younger sister, “Golda”, which by the end of the year will include almost 100 branches throughout the country. To the full article

Actress Millie Avital in an intimate interview from New York

Millie Avital broke into screens in Israel at the age of 20, until she decided to move to New York and met her husband – an Oscar-winning screenwriter. For several months we accompanied her, just when everything had changed – from the pre-Corona madness, life in New York alongside the virus and even these days, when she registers back to routine. A special interview about Hollywood after the Me Too era, Hollywood cinema in the shadow of the corona and the secluded house on a hill. To the full article


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