Shovlin doesn’t know what Mercedes can expect: ‘Are prepared for Red Bull’


Andrew Shovlin is pleased with how the qualifying for the British Grand Prix for Mercedes has gone. The lead engineer of the German-British team saw Lewis Hamilton qualify first with Valtteri Bottas in second place behind it. Still, Shovlin watches for Red Bull Racing in the race.

“Well done to the team and the drivers to get in the front row, especially for Lewis with his fantastic round for pole,” Shovlin begins to praise. “It has not been easy for him and Valtteri to put the rounds together here. The wind has a big effect on the car balance and as soon as you slide, the tire temperatures rise and you lose grip. ‘

‘Red Bull generally looks better in the race’

The Brit continues, “Conditions may have been in our favor today, but we’ve also managed tire temperatures better. We look forward to the race. We don’t quite know where Red Bull is up to speed. They seemed very close to us yesterday and generally looked better in the race than in qualifying, so we’ll be prepared for a fight, ā€¯Shovlin concludes. (Photo: Mercedes AMG F1 Media)


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