Shooting incident near the White House: President Trump evacuates


Panic in Washington: During a press conference held today (Tuesday) by US President Donald Trump at the White House, he was abruptly addressed during his remarks by Secret Service personnel. Who apparently tried to fire.

According to the president, the shooter was neutralized by the Secret Service forces and local police officers operating at the scene, and he was taken to the local hospital for medical treatment. Following the incidents, President Trump reported that the incident took place outside the confines of the official Mishkan, and even told the media that he felt very safe after the incident.

The Secret Service issued an official statement stating that they confirm that there was a police officer involved in a shooting incident near the White House, and that law enforcement personnel are at the scene.

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The president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, tweeted on her official account a reference to the incident, in which she briefly thanked the Secret Service for acting quickly and leading her father from the outer podium straight to the Oval Office.


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